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Here's the scoop......on Emma and Harry Potter!


Emma Watson/Harry Potter News:

Welcome to the page where we give you all the news on Emma and Harry Potter! We will be adding news whenever we get any (maybe a few times a week) and also adding spoliers on films! See check in on here once a week and see if there is any news on Emma or Harry Potter!


Emma get's top grades at her GCSE's!

Emma Watson is celebrating after getting top grades in her GCSEs. She recieved eight A*s and two As. She has to both film and study at the sametime, which makes her education a little more difficult.

Well done, Emma. This is great news! You're not just a pretty face but very clever like Hermione!


This has nothing to do with Emma or Harry Potter. Today I met David Tennant while he filmed in my hometown Cardiff. I wanna post the photo on here for you to see:

Here is me and David! He had his arm around me!


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Harry Potter Gossip:

Release Dates for the Next HP Movies
We know it's still a very long time away but here are the  release dates for the next Harry Potter Movies. The dates may change a little bit, but nothing drastic.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie will be released on:

July 11, 2007 in France
July 13, 2007 in the US/UK/Canada
July 12, 2007 in Australia
July 20, 2007 in Spain
As for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Movie:
November 21, 2008 in the US. This is still a long time away, so its more likely the date might change.


Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!


This site has been put together by Rebecca Stone and Laura Smith, two mad Emma Watson/Hermione Granger fans! This site will be filled with a biography on Emma's life, info on her films, news and fan fiction. We will also add an photo album in a few weeks. If you wanna take anything off this site, you're most welcome. We hope you have fun on this site all about Emma Watson and Hermione Granger.