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A handful of great films have a huge romance such as Gone With The Wind, West Side Story, Titanic and Romeo and Juilet and Harry Potter has it's very own on and off again romance.

We believe from the first moment Hermione Jane Granger set eyes on Ronald Billus Wesley, on the Hogworts Express, it was love at first sight. Or was it the sight of the dirt on Ron's nose that made Hermione fall for him??

In the first film we see the start of their friendship, sort of. Ron never really liked Hermione from the first time they met, he thought she was to bossy, brainy and she also needed to 'sort out her
priorities'. The she sticks up for them over the troll moment and their friendship was soon set for life. Also Ron gets hurt to save Harry and Hermione by the knight, ok sure he saved Harry's life, but Hermione was there too!

In the second film it seems their friendship has got a little closer. Ron stucks up for Hermione when Draco has a pop at her and Ron even throws up slugs to prove to Hermione how much he loves her, he does in our eyes anyway! Even though that spell was meant for Darco, sadly it backfires and hits Ron! Ron starts to really show how he feels for Hermione and is always on hand to have a go at anyone who calls her a muggle or mud-blood. He also sits with Hermione when she's in the hospital, so cute to watch!

Now in the third film, it all starts to change. There are a number of great Hermone and Rom moments during this movie and we've gotta talk about them all right here! Ofcause theres the holding of Ron's hand, so bloody cute and very funny to watch! You can tell Ron is dying to yell out ' bloody hell' when it happens but they just pull apart looking shocked. Then it's the moment where they are at Hogsmeade and looking at the Shrieking Shack -

Hermione - It's meant to be the most haunted building in Britain. Did I mention that?
Ron - Twice
Hermione - Do you want to move a bit closer?
Ron (Panics) - What?
Hermione - To the Shrieking Shack?
Ron - Oh no actually I'm fine here
Thats soooooooooo cute and Ron should have moved closer! I also love the moment in Snapes class -

Snape - That is the second time you've spoken out of turn, Miss Granger. Are you incapable of restraining yourself or do you take pride in being an insufferable know it all??

Hermione can't help it, she's gotta stick her nose it in hehe. Then comes the moment everyone had been waiting for, Hermione HITS Draco! God, that moment is amazing! He had that coming! I'll remember never to upset Hermione or maybe I will just for a laugh! We also have Ron and Hermione hugging after Buckbeck is killed, her hugging him looks too over friendly if you know what I mean? We also have Scabbers/Crookshanks fight, even more cuter to watch! After Ron is attacked, Hermione looks after him and even has time to fight along side Harry.

Then comes the fourth film. This is where it really kicks off. Someone esle comes between Hermione and Ron, Viktor Krum. He likes a liking to Hermione and asks her to the Yule Ball, and she says yes! Which then kicks off a kinda fight in Snapes class -

Ron - Hermione, you're a girl
Hermone - Very well spotted
Ron (makes a dance move) - Wanna come to the dance with me? Come on, it's one thing for a bloke to show up alone but for a girl, it's just sad
Hermione - I won't be going to the dance alone, because, believe it or not, someone's asked me and I said yes!
Ron - Bloody hell, she's lying right??

If only she wasn't. She turned up to the ball with Viktor and looked great, which made Ron alot jealous and he sulked during the whole ball. Then came their first lover's great!
Hermione - Hot isn't it? Viktor's gone to get some drinks, would you care to join us?
Ron - No, we'd not care to join you and Viktor
Hermione - What's got your wand in a knot?
Ron - He's a Daurmstrong. You're fraterzing with the enemy!
Hermione - The enemy? Who was it who wanted his autograph? Besides the whole point of the tourament is international magical co-opertaion to make friends
Ron - I think he's got more then friendship on his mind

Then this happened - The real first lovers tiff!

Ron - He's using you
Hermione - How dare you! Besides I can take care of myself
Ron - I doubt it. He's way to old
Hermione - What? What? If thats what you think?
Ron - Yeah, thats what I think!
Hermione - You know the soultion then don't you?
Ron - Go on
Hermione - Next time theres a ball pick up the courage and ask me before somebody esle does! And not as a last resort!
Ron - Well, thats, I mean thats completely off the point! Harry!
Hermione (yells) - Where have you been? Nevermind, off to bed both of you!
Ron - They get scary as they get older!
Hermione - Ron, you've spolied everything!

Then Hermione tells Harry this about Krum:
' Viktor's more of a phyiscal being'

I did feel very sorry for Ron, he really wanted to go with Hermione and I'm sure she would have said yes, if he asked her better lol. Soon they start to talk again and their friendship was back to normal. The film ends with Hermione, Ron and Harry all happy and smiley.

Now we wanna talk about Half Blood Prince. The book is our fave and it also shows the jealous side of Hermione over Ron and Lavendar Brown Ron gets jealous knowning Hermione kissed Krum and then he gets some action himself, making Hermione jealous and it al falls apart again. They only come back together when Dumbledore dies and Hermione needs Ron.

So what will happen to our fave couple? We hope they will fall in love and stay together forever. We think their love will help Harry kill He will shall not be named and then Harry will die, leaving Hermione and Ron is remember thier friend. We don't want a sad ending to Hermione and Ron, they've gotta stay together, get married and have kids. Also Crookshanks loves to pick on Ron and drive him crazy, so it's gotta work out!

We just wanted to add the Hermione and Ron because list........its amazing!

Because Hermione Granger thinks it's a pleasure to meet Ron Weasley and they should change into their robes [Not in front of her of course]

Because Ron was jealous of Hermione's crush on Lockhart

Because Ron thinks Hermione is ‘brilliant...but scary’

Because Ron hoped they wouldn't be in Hermione’s house. He was wrong

Because Ron thinks "You read too much, Hermione"

Because Ron always stands up for her to Draco

Because Hermione wanted Ron to ask her to the Yule Ball!

Because "What are friends for?"

Because with Viktor, Hermione was fraternising with the enemy!

Because next time there is a ball, Hermione wants Ron to ask her first

Because Ron and Hermione were alone in the bathroom and Harry heard whispering voices

Because no one calls Hermione ‘mudblood’ with Ron around

Because of the countless detentions Ron got for standing up for Hermione

Because Hermione got jealous when Fleur kissed Ron

Because Harry didn't even ask Hermione… Ron's one step ahead

Because Hermione's love of redheads doesn't stop at Crookshanks

Because Ron realises the importance of marrying Muggles

Because even with a snapped wand, Ron tries to defend Hermione

Because Ron is like family to Hermione… been to her house and in his room too!

Because Ron and Hermione are always flirting (bickering, we mean)

Because Ron's seen Lockhart’s card under Hermione’s pillow and embarrassed her about it

Because when Draco said "pity it wasn't Granger" Ron shot out of his chair

Because Ron doesn't think twice to ask Hermione over his house.

Because Ron is the one who noticed Hermione’s wonderful new teeth

Because Ron knows what witches want

Because Ron makes regurgitating slugs slightly more romantic

Because veela or not, Fleur's just a blur to Ron when Hermione's around.

Because why should Hermione get just a Krum if she can have a whole Weasley!

Because fighting is their only way to keep their hands off each other

Because Ron'll sort out Hermione’s priorities for her [insert eyebrows smilie here]

Because Ron knows there's gonna be loads of fog tonight

Because Ron and Hermione went to Honeydukes by themselves and returned "Looking like they've had the time of their lives."

Because Hermione cares enough to teach Ron how to say "Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa"

Because Ron looked a bit uncomfortable when Hermione heard his not-so-nice remark

Because Ron is the only one who can make Hermione laugh and cry just the same

Because Ron is the only one who can call Hermione a "know-it-all"

Because Ron always reminds Hermione to have fun

Because Ron and Hermione keep each other in check ("There's no wood," and "He's not relaxing, is he?")

Because Hermione wants to see Ron do a spell

Because Ron thinks he and Harry have "had a bad influence on her"

Because even Hagrid paired Ron and Hermione (into the Forbidden Forest)

Because Ron was concerned for Hermione because of Rita Skeeter

Because Hermione knows what to give Ron for Christmas

Because Ron kept on looking for Hermione during the Yule Ball

Because Hermione doesn't have to teach Ron how to say her name!

Because Hermione won't have to do all the work this time

Because Hermione "flung her arms around Ron's neck and broke down completely"

Because Ron was flabbergasted, stunned, impressed, was goggling at Hermione amazed, and awed at the day Hermione was having

Because Hermione was near tears when Ron sacrificed himself, so Harry could move onto face Snape (turned out to be Quirrel)

Because Ron can't stop stepping on Hermione's foot

Because Ron and Hermione do homework together

Because Ron and Hermione talk about Harry together

Because Ron and Hermione are best friends, too

Because Ron and Hermione have cozy little library sessions

Because the answer to the question if Hermione likes Ron more than a friend is in Goblet of Fire

Because Hermione cares about Ron

Because Ron will eventually get the point

Because Ron and Hermione would both stand by Harry until the end of time

Because Ron belched slugs for Hermione!

Because we all know Hermione thinks it's cute that Ron's afraid of spiders ;)

Because Ron risked going too far with Snape, just to defend Hermione "... five more points .. for being an insufferable know-it-all." ... Ron, who told Hermione she was a know-it-all at least twice a week, said loudly, "You asked question and she knows the answer! Why ask if you don't want to be told?" The class knew instantly he's gone too far.

Because Ron was very concerned when Hermione's schedule was so full

Because everything Ron had was "rubbish" before Hermione

Because Hermione ONLY got irritated when Fleur flirted with Ron.

Because when Fleur was kissing Ron, Hermione was getting steamed.

Because Ron and Hermione challenge each other… in more ways than one!

Because Ron and Hermione don't mind being together all the time

Because Ron was the first to stand and welcome Hermione

Because of the awkward handshake, people!

Because "Where's Hermione when you need her?"

Because we got a REAL hug between Ron and Hermione in Prisoner Of Azkaban!

Because Ron and Hermione were both made prefects

Because Ron and Hermione spent the summer together - without Harry

Because Ron and Hermione bicker loud enough to not hear the bell

Because Ron and Hermione are always having a go at each other

Because only Ron and Hermione can drive Harry mad

Because Ron and Hermione cannot give it a rest, not until they accept and admit their true feelings

Because Ron certainly can impress Hermione

Because one look at Ron and Hermione’s frostiness melts away

Because Hermione is honestly the most wonderful person Ron knows

Because Hermione understands Ron more than he knows

Because Ron and Hermione ask each other how they are doing

Because Ron and Hermione didn't choose other partners in the DATDA meetings

Because Hermione wished Ron luck, with a matching kiss on the cheek

Because Ron actually was dazed right after the kiss

Because Hermione's anxious to know where Ron is

Because jealous Ron is a funny Ron.

Because Hermione's dropping hints all over and Ron is still adorably clueless!

Because Hermione strategically wrote the letter to Victor right in front of Ron

Because Harry is reminded of Mr and Mrs Weasley when Hermione talks to Ron

Because even Sirius says Hermione is just like Molly

Because even Ron agrees with Sirius

Because Ron wants Hermione to worry about him and be happy for him.

Because Hermione's a lovely, sweet-tempered girl according to Ron

Because what were Hermione and Ron busy with?

Because Ron and Hermione are comfortable enough to sit next to each other already and not bother to place Harry in the middle

Because it's always "we" and "Ron and I / Hermione and I"

Because Ron and Hermione actually resemble two wonderful couples in the book - Molly and Arthur and Lily and James

Because even 5years later, Ron's still the one defending Hermione from Draco

Because there are loads of parallelisms in the dialogues in the books

Because a steady building in Ron and Hermione’s relationship is just what we need

Because Ron gave her an unusual perfume for Christmas

Because Hermione thinks Harry's worse than Ron… and that's the best thing about it!

Because Ron overcame his fear by thinking of Hermione in Chamber Of Secrets

Because Ron and Hermione are both growing up - together and separately

Because Hermione likes it when Ron compliments her.

Because Ron doesn't want only to be Hermione’s pen-pal either.

Because Ron and Hermione act like a married couple already!

Because Ron and Hermione already have experience of living under one roof - Hermione just can't keep away from the Weasley family!

Because Hermione’s happiness doesn't rely on Ron's goal-keeping abilities

Because Ron's the one who can get Hermione out of the library and her books



Above: Most girls would love to hug Harry Potter............but Hermione only wants Ron!

Below: Hermione, Ron and Crookshanks. The cutiest couple and a cute cat too!


ABOVE: The first hand holding of Hermione and Ron, It's soooooooooo bloody cute! And u know Ron wants the yell 'bloody hell!' as it happens haha.


This site has been put together by Rebecca Stone and Laura Smith, two mad Emma Watson/Hermione Granger fans! This site will be filled with a biography on Emma's life, info on her films, news and fan fiction. We will also add an photo album in a few weeks. If you wanna take anything off this site, you're most welcome. We hope you have fun on this site all about Emma Watson and Hermione Granger.